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​​Family Law​

Family Law is one of the most complex and most often contested areas of law. Few things have greater impact on your quality of life than your domestic arrangements. Let us​ improve yours. Our family law areas of expertise include:


  • Pre-nuptual agreements
  • Dissolution
  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Child Support
  • Restraining Orders

Founding attorney James Baldock​ is highly ranked in Lane County for Child Support Law (Avvo).

Pre-Nuptual Agreements

Do you have assets to protect? Many marriages end in divorce. A simple pre-nuptual agreement can eliminate much of the hassle, heartbreak and expense of a divorce by eliminating lengthy legal disputes over assets. Contact a lawyer for more information.



If you are going through a divorce, you only get one chance to prove your case and attain the best possible outcome for you. Most divorce asset determinations are final. This single judgement could cost you or grant you tens of thousands of dollars in alimony payments. It is essential to get an attorney to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your particular case and maximize your outcome, which may involve settlement negotiations or trial.


Child Custody

The standards that determine child custody arrangements are complex and subject to interpretation. Individuals pursuing child custody often misunderstand what is and is not important in obtaining child custody. If your custody hearing goes poorly, it can require considerable time and expense to reverse the decision. It is therefore essential to get a lawyer to help you attain the best outcome for you and your child the first time.


Child Support

The negotation of child support payments is a highly technical area of law that can affect your finances for decades to come. If you are the parent with custody, it is essential to maximize your spouse's payments to provide the best possible care for your child. If you are responsible for making child support payments, you need to make sure that your payment requirements are realistic and fair. If you cannot make your payments, you could lose your driver's license or even be thrown in jail. This could prevent you from attaining child custody in future. A significant change in your circumstances (ie employment situation) may allow you to renegotiate the amount of your child support payments.


Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are another complex area of law. It is not always clear what constitutes abuse under current laws. Restraining order hearings are typically short, which means that the way you present the facts during them can determine whether a restraining order is placed or not. This judgement can have huge impacts on the outcome of your child custody arrangements.


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