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​​​​​​Housing Law

Cases involving housing law are often complex and hotly contested. Owners and landlords view their properties as investments that must pay off, whereas tenants view them as their homes. Landlord-tenant disputes are somewhat unique, since the winner often collects attorney fees from the loser of the case. This means you need to ensure you will be a winner if you do go to trial. Meeting with an attorney will give you the information necessary to pursue the matter to your best advantage, whether that be by settlement or trial. James Baldock holds the highest ranking in Lane County for Landlord-Tenant Law (Avvo).


Let us help you attain a more favorable outcome for your case. Our housing law areas of expertise include:

  • Evictions
  • Security Deposits
  • Repairs
  • Discrimination
  • Service Animals


Getting a tenant evicted can be a lengthy affair. If you want to give a no-cause eviction to a tenant who has lived there one year, you need to give them 60 days notice. But a single defect in an eviction notice invalidates the entire notice. Some questions to ask yourself include: 1) Have you calculated the extra time required if the notice was mailed? 2) Are the dates and times on the notice listed correctly? If not, the tenant could win the case in court and even collect attorney's fees from you, after which you would have to issue a NEW 60 days notice. Avoid the added expense, delays and hassle. Have an attorney look over your notice to make sure it's done right the first time.


Security Deposits

Many landlords overcharge for security deposits during accounting. An accounting needs to be prepared exactly according to statuatory guidelines, or else tenants can challenge it and have their full deposits returned. Having an attorney carefully review your particular case can therefore save you hundreds of dollars.




Forcing your landlord to perform repairs is an area of law fraught with danger for the tenant. If your landlord refuses to repair something and you plan to withhold rent, you need to follow the law exactly or you could end up being evicted! Make sure to talk to a lawyer before withholding rent. They can review your case and make sure that you follow the correct procedure.​



Tenants have important rights that are protected under the Oregon Fair Housing Act and the American Disabilities Act. Landlords are not allowed to discriminate between tenants based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, race or nationality.​

Service Animals

Service animal law is a complex area of law that is currently evolving. Tenants have important rights that are protected under the Oregon Fair Housing Act and the American Disabilities Act. Service animals are not pets, and tenants cannot be prevented from moving into a unit or evicted from a unit because of them. Make sure you're following the law. Contact an attorney today.

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